Projects and some achievements

Past and recent projects we carried out 

Some Achievements

1.Regular repair and maintenance of CAT Grader blade and Air cleaner.
2.Regular repair and maintenance of Skip heater vehicle.
3.Regular sanitary service delivery of the Local Council Development Area.
4.Purchase of plastics chairs for office use.
5.Procurement of communal refuse drums for community use.
6.Regular repair and service of official vehicles.
7.Rendering needful assistance to Police Station, Ilero.
8.Renovation and equipping of chairman’s quarters.
9.Purchase of one (1) fairly used Toyota Corrola Car 2015 model for the use of the executive Chairman.
10.Purchase of generating set (5.2Kv) to Chairman’s quarter, Ilero
11.Renovation of building and procurement of essential materials for OYSIEC Office, Ilero.
12.Purchase of tyres and repairs of Elero of Ilero’s Jeep.
13.Purchase of Bajaj Motorcycle for the use of Finance and supplies Department.
14.Renovation of the office of Nigerian Security Civil Defense Corps (NSCDC) Ilero.
15.Acquisition of official quarters and regular rent payment for Heads of Departments.
16.Acquisition of residential building (10 rooms Bungalow) for Youth corps members in IWA LCDA.
17.Notable welfare package for corps members.
18.Regular repair and maintenance of vigilante vehicle.
19.Preparation of survey/master plans for Irepodun Kara Market, Ilero.
20.Regular Smooth running of the LCDA administration.
21.Electrification of the LCDA Temporary Secretariats Ilero.
22.Purchase and distribution of Educational materials (Makers, biros, pencils, Tempos, Eraser and Rulers) to public Primary and Secondary schools in the LCDA.
23.Cash donation during commemoration of 2018 Ilero Day Anniversary.
24.Regular rehabilitation of roads.
25.Purchase of office equipment for the use of the LCDA.
26.Purchase and distribution of farm implements, cutlass, ware pumping machines, knapsack sprayers, pre-emergence herbicides.
27.Health care delivery services and procurement of health materials like Hernia Harvest, drugs motech True scan Digital/Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor for community use and welfare of Doctors and Nurses.
28.Distribution of First Aid Boxes and equipments for public Primary and Secondary Schools.
29.Purchase and distribution Hand slashers to all public Primary and Secondary schools.
30.Purchase and distribution of school uniforms bags and sandals for orphans in public schools.
31.Production of 500 copies of the Book titled “The Making of IWA LCDA”.
32.Provision of 50 pieces of White Board Maker for Secondary Schools.
34.Empowerment of widows.
35.Purchase of volleyball kits and balls to Secondary Schools.
36.Regular training/retraining workshop and seminars for staff.
37.Regular Town Hall meetings and sensitization on recurrent issues in the country in the community e.g Tips on Kidnapping and banditry, Amotekun Security outfit, Rapping, Peace and Security during election, community management of forest resources, Vegetable farming, woman participation in politics, outbreak, etc.

39.Architectural design of the proposed IWA LCDA, Permanent Secretariat building.
40.Clearing of illegal dump sites behind RCM Primary Schools, Iwere-Oke, Central Market, Ilaji Oke, evacuation of cassava peelings of Are gaari processing point, Heap of refuse at Ajeji river board, Ilero.
41.Rehabilitation of village roads like, Alayan, Erin-omu, Awamo, Gboro.etc
42.Distribution of relief materials to rainstorm victims and less privileged.
43.Sensitization on Radio, Alaga F.M and Oluyole F.M Station on sensitive issues and LCDA activities.
44.Control of Termite and bees at Iwere-oke Maternity Centre.
45.Agric Extension and health management practices workshop in livestock and cassava peal mash for selected farmers.
46.Evacuation of filled-up public toilet at Ayetoro-oke market.
47.Public enlightenment and mobile jingle in respect of classes between Fulani nad Farmers and interactive session on National Health Insurance Schemes (NHIS) for all employees.
48.Youth training on Computer operation and repair of handset and video coverage.
49.Painting of parts of Elero palace, Ilero.
Purchase of laboratory materials for use in council’s maternity Centre’s.
50.Evacuation of filled up septic tank at Central market, Ayetoro-oke.
51.Provision of office stationeries.
52.Payment of rent fees for two rooms for Bureau of physical planning and development control in IWA LCDA.
53.Repair and servicing of tractors.
54.Hiring of Tractors to farmers at subsidized rate.
Free consultancy services to farmers.
55.Procurement of a Toyota Corolla vehicle 2007 Model.
56.Retouching and painting of wall surfaces and installation of water closet of the new office of the caretaker chairman.
Provision of safety precaution items agent Covid-19 and distribution to the people of the LCDA.
Production of jingle and airing of Covid-19 on F.M 96.3 Radio Station Alaga.